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How do I get a Tiny Powerhouse?


  • Call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Check your Homeowners Association CC&R’s (if you have one).
  • Consider discussing with your neighbor if they will have a view of the Tiny House (they might like to order one at the same time).
  • When you wish to proceed, call us to finalize the design and to request a price quote, free of charge.
  • Review our price quote and contract, sign the order form and arrange payment.
  • We will confirm and begin fabrication.
  • We will deliver and install within weeks.

Can I use my own design ?

Yes.  We are happy to work with you on your custom design.


Can I include a bathroom or kitchen?


Why should I select a Tiny Powerhouse rather than a competitors product?

QUALITY:  If you want a drafty shed that is too hot in summer, too cold in winter and which will rot in a few years, buy a shed from your local hardware store.  However, if you want a high quality comfortable office or studio that may be tax-deductible as a home office, and which will enhance your property, .

TURNKEY:   Take advantage of our full service option. Manufactured to your specification, delivered and installed by a licensed General Contractor, this is the fastest solution with the highest quality.

GREEN: All materials used in Tiny Powerhouses are selected to be as sustainable as possible. The panels are built with virtually no waste. We recommend bamboo flooring and recycled insulation with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. we offer highly insulated doors and windows.


Do I need a permit?

Each authority has its own set of regulations. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to verify whether or not permits are required.  

What Kind of Foundation do I need?

Tiny Powerhouse can be built on traditional concrete foundations, or a concrete slab which may be required if a Building Permit is needed. Normally, Tiny Powerhouses do not need  permits (12'x12' please check with your local authority) and can be placed on pre-cast concrete blocks, on galvanized metal spikes, or on treated lumber beams directly on leveled ground or a gravel bed which is well-drained.

Will you deliver?


Do you install electricity?


Does come with heating and/or cooling?


Is there a solar-powered option?

Yes, please call for more information.

Other questions?

Please contact us.