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Tiny Homes Bath


Even in a small powder room, a spa-style shower becomes a possibility when you take advantage of every square inch of space


We have rounded up our favorite small bathroom designs, as well as the strategy and subtle cues that make you forget how small your bathroom really is.When dealing with a small bathroom, it’s usually a smart call to go with brighter or softer colors.

Who said small bathrooms had to be boring and dull?

Other additions that you wouldn’t normally see in the casual small bathroom include granite counters, pink flowers, a casement window and a purple shower curtain. It’s small bathroom style at its finest.


Small baths can be changed radically while keeping the same footprint. All it takes is some creative redesign of the existing layout. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting, showers, and sinks for your bathroom remodel when you don't have a lot of space.