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Foundation Options

The choice of foundation will depend on the slope of the ground and the soil conditions.  It is recommended that an engineer be consulted for all except a level to moderate slope on good ground.  Steep slopes will require engineering.

  • Treated Lumber:  This is the fastest and lowest-price foundation when the ground is level and has good bearing capacity.  Simply clear vegetation, lay a 6″x6″ treated lumber perimeter beam under the four sides, connect with galvanized metal connectors, drill holes in each beam and drive a galvanized metal spike into the ground to hold the beams in place.  Place landscape fabric between the beams to prevent weed growth. 
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Blocks:  Readily available from lumber yards, concrete blocks are an easy  solution.  The blocks are placed on top of poured concrete, leveled and connected to the concrete.  6″x6″ perimeter beams are laid along the two sides.  
  • Concrete Slab:  This is the most expensive solution.