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Powerhouse Tiny Homes


There are many potential uses for a tiny house from Powerhouse Construction including a guest house, spare bedroom, granny flat, vacation home, rental unit, or even as a full-time residence. Our  models can be modified in a different ways to meet your individual needs.


We design each Powerhouse Tiny Homes using traditional materials and methods for construction that have stood the test of time. We select the most durable natural materials available to build our Tiny Homes, avoiding man-made substitutes that don’t have the true look or feel of real wood.

We build about 90%of your Tiny Home in our warehouse. This allows us to work more efficiently, better control quality, minimize waste, and avoid weather delays.  We are also able to significantly reduce travel time by working from a centralized location, allowing us to service a larger area than a typical local contractor. The benefits to you are less construction time spent at your site and a quality built building.



 Powerhouse Tiny Office


There are many benefits to working from a home office or art studio including reduced operating costs, eliminating commuting time and expenses, flexible scheduling and overall convenience.  However, setting up a home office on the dining room table or in a spare bedroom can create clutter and be filled with household distractions