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We offer a variety of screen enclosure systems for every style and budget. With a screened in porch you can enjoy the Beauty of the Outside all in the Comfort of your own porch without the bugs and elements.


By adding a screened porch to your North Carolina home, you will have created an outdoor living space that will soon become the focal point of your home. Whether you use your screened porch for drinking coffee in the morning, playing with your children in the afternoon, or eating dinner in the evening, your new screened porch is sure to bring a lot of joy to your family.




Powerhouse Construction has been involved in high quality, dependable screened porch construction in the Triangle area for years. Our screened porch systems come in three basic styles to suit your needs:

  • Full Screen - the screened wall of a full screen enclosure goes from top to bottom, maximizing views while also protecting you from insects
  • Knee Wall - a screened porch with a knee wall has a continuous panel on the bottom of the porch, typically measuring a couple feet high, that helps keep out dirt, grass cuttings, and other floor-level debris
  • Picket - a picket system around the bottom of your screen porch provides a guard-rail type safety feature which may be required by building codes in some cases